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RyuBuKan Dojo

News for January to April, 2001

4/28/01 -- It has been a number of months since adding an entry to this journal, and having just completed rank advancement testing for several of my students, I though it an appropriate opportunity to bring you current on happenings since the beginning of this year.   

April, 2001: At the gracious invitation of Tom Posz and his teacher, Renshi (5th Dan) Mike McGowan, I was able to attend a training session given by Hanshi (10th Dan) Nobuo Ichikawa, the present head of Doshinkan Karate Do.  Attending with me was my student, Nathan Dunn.  I was extremely impressed by the very apparent knowledge demonstrated by Ichikawa hanshi, and also by the great respect and effort given to him by everyone in attendance.  Doshinkan is a relatively lesser known style of Japanese martial art that emphasizes health of mind, body and spirit. This was the second opportunity I have taken to witness some aspects of their training, and to get a better understanding of this excellent teacher and his equally excellent students.  I am far from having an adequate level of understanding of their studies but I can attest to the benefits derived from their training, as Hanshi himself so aptly showed by his amazing recovery from recent major surgery.  Congratulations to Tom and his son, Matt for their rank advancement during this series of training session with Hanshi.   You can find more information regarding Doshinkan at their Web site:


As previously mentioned, several students successfully advanced in rank today (4/28/01) in a rigorous test given by Julia and me.   Advancing in rank were: 

Chesaray Banda, 4th kyu

Gianna Banda, 4th kyu

Nicholas Whitson, 5th kyu

Thomas Whitson, 5th kyu   


Congratulations to each of them for their fine efforts and commitment.         

March, 2001: I was able to attend a seminar given by Iha Seikichi sensei that was held by Tim Evans sensei in Elk Grove, California.  In addition to a fine lesson in Shorin-Ryu karate I was able to meet and train with Bill Lucas sensei of Florida.  Bill and I have communicated via e-mail over the course of several years, and it was a great pleasure to finally know him.  Bill was also able to train with us at Silvan sensei's studio, and shared some of his kobudo knowledge with me.  

Also during this month I was fortunate to have attended a seminar on Uechi-Ryu karate given by Gushi Shinyu sensei at the Antioch, California dojo of Alan Dollar sensei.  Gushi sensei is a role model for the benefits of consistent training.  His recent video on body conditioning for Okinawan karate is a must have for any serious student.  I truly appreciate Sensei Dollar's kind invitation to join his students for this special event, and look forward to another opportunity to train with them again.   

February, 2001:  The first Japanese/Okinawan Karate Juku event of the year was held in Jim Silvan sensei's studio.   It was well attended by teachers and students of several martial arts disciplines, including Japanese and Okinawan karate, Jujitsu, and Kenpo.   The objectives of these reoccurring seminars is to share what we are able to with interested and talented martial artists.  Instructors in this event were Joey Cruz, John Lofton, Tim Evans, Carl Caudill, Chris Peterson, Jim Silvan and myself.  As always it was a pleasure spending time with all of the people who participated, and I truly believe all of us left with a better appreciation of the many arts represented there. All proceeds were donated to Cruz sensei and his fiancÚ, Nyree Tupasi, as a wedding gift. Our next event is planned for the June timeframe in Sacramento.  

January, 2001:  As promised, I reinstated classes at the dojo and formally added Julia as a RyuBuKan Dojo instructor.  The experience she gathered in teaching classes last year was a blessing for everyone, especially for her, and I can clearly see a heighten level of confidence and ability that was not there before.   With few exceptions all of our previous students returned, and it provided my family and I a deepen sense of appreciation for their love and support.  I was also able to resume my own studies with Jim Silvan and his excellent students.  Jim is a true friend and one of the very best teachers I have ever had.