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RyuBuKan Dojo

News for August, 1999! 

8/31/99 -- After months of planning and research I have finally introduced a number of improvements to this site.  The changes introduced with this new edition are compiled from the many compliments, comments and suggestions of over 2000 visits to the original pages.  One change in particular in the use of Thumbnail pictures for photographs in the Photo Library for faster transfer of these images. Many other features have or will soon be added, so please return often.

 I am happy and greatly appreciative of the many who have come to the site and look forward to the many visits and new friends to come. 

8/30/99 -- It is with a great feeling of loss that I report the closure of Sensei Jim Silvan's dojo in Walnut Creek, California.  Jim recently moved to a new home and was also forced to close the studio were he taught and trained for over twenty years. Jim plans to open in another location as soon as possible and will be using various sites, including our dojo, until he finds a place to again call his own.  Any one who would like to reach Sensei Silvan can do so by contacting me. 

8/28/99 -- Results of recent Tournament Competition!