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RyuBuKan Dojo

 News for October, 2000

10/31/00 -- This month marked rank advancement testing for students of our dojo.  The test was conducted at Sensei Jim Silvan's studio and presided by many experienced instructors, several of whom traveled hours to participate.   Of the many memorable aspects of  this event, what stands out the most to me were awarding of the first black belt from the RyuBuKan Dojo that was presented to Julia Ai Bernardy,  an honorary black belt presented to Christina Machiko Bernardy, and a very generous gift to Christina's fund for her battle with liver cancer that was donated by Sensei Joey Cruz and Nyree Tupasi on behalf of Cruz International Martial Arts.   Also earning rank from our dojo was Nathan Dunn, who advanced to brown belt (San Kyu).   

On behalf of the entire RyuBuKan family, I would like to thank all of the instructors, families and friends who helped make this a very successful event.  Congratulations to Julia, Christina, and Nathan for their efforts in earning their new rank.   Photos of the test can be accessed here