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RyuBuKan Student Rank Advancement

November, 2001

On Sunday, November 18, 2001 members of our dojo tested for advancement in rank before a board of senior instructors from the Japanese/Okinawan Karate Juku ("Karate Research Group").  Testing were Julia Ai Bernardy for Nidan (2nd degree black belt), and Thomas and Nicholas Whitson for San Kyu (3rd level brown belt).  Each of these students were required to demonstrate their required subjects over a two-day period in an effort that was both physically and emotionally demanding.  Julia clearly showed that she was ready for her rank despite having only reached black belt level one year ago.  The father and son duo of Tom and Nick worked extremely hard in preparation over a period of many weeks, and only struggled as a result of nervousness in performing in front of many senior practitioners.  Their commitment was met with successful advancement and presentation of their new brown belts.

I would like to thank my teacher, Jim Silvan, for his help in preparing these students, and to the senior instructors who contributed their time and knowledge to everyone who attended.    Congratulations to Julia, Thomas, and Nicholas!  I wish you many more years of your training in the martial arts. 

Please click here for photos from this event.