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RyuBuKan Dojo

Dojo Photos

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Graham.jpg (135156 bytes)

With my student, Sloan Graham, 1997

Grouptonfa.jpg (75443 bytes)

With Joey Cruz and Mike Evans, 1998

Hokama.jpg (114136 bytes)

With Hokama Tetsuhiro Sensei and students, 1995

Jay.jpg (83247 bytes)

With Sensei Chris Peterson and Professor Wally Jay, founder of Small Circle Jujitsu.  (Note: The black belt worn by me in this photo was for a magazine article on Sensei Peterson in which I served as his demonstration partner.  Although I have trained in Small Circle Jujitsu I have never been ranked in this art.)  

Jay2.jpg (110231 bytes)

Professor Wally Jay

Founder of Small Circle Jujitsu. 

A true gentleman and master of the martial arts. 

Kamp1.jpg (185375 bytes)

With fellow instructors at Noujaim's Karate "Kamp" 1997. 

Left to right: Joey Cruz, Nyree Tupasi, Nabil Noujaim, Chris Peterson, Oscar Rivas, Robert Rowley, Javier Pacheco

museum.jpg (119430 bytes)

From my first trip to Okinawa, 1980.  Left to right, Sensei Kimo Wall, Nakamura Yoshio Sensei, Matayoshi Shinpo Sensei.

Noujaim.jpg (57780 bytes)

Sensei Nabil Noujaim (left) and Sensei Oscar Rivas (far right)

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