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RyuBuKan Dojo

Dojo Photos

Page 5

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Penland.jpg (88882 bytes)

Sensei Kenneth L. Penland

Peterson.jpg (52811 bytes) 

With (or should I say under) Sensei Chris Peterson, 1998 


Pon.jpg (57136 bytes) 

With my students, 

 Jeffery and Jennifer Pon

Rowley.jpg (101318 bytes) 

Some of the many excellent teachers at the Noujaim Karate "Kamp", 1997.   Left to right, Robert Rowley, Jim Silvan, Chris Peterson

Shinzato.jpg (77478 bytes) 

With Shinzato Katsuhiko Sensei, 

Okinawa, Japan, 1995

Silvan.jpg (95569 bytes) 

With my good friend and teacher, Sensei Jim Silvan, 1997

Takushi.jpg (84022 bytes)

With Takushi Yasukazu Sensei,

Okinawa Japan, 1995

TESTING1.jpg (85851 bytes)

UWMAF Rank Testing Board, 1998

Tupasi.jpg (44645 bytes)

Sensei Nyree Tupasi, 1998

Vik.jpg (41272 bytes)

With Sensei Jamie Vik, 1997

Wall.jpg (77508 bytes)

Sensei Kimo Wall

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