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Machi's Photo Album

Early Years

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Baby_keys.JPG (58857 bytes)




Can I have the car tonight?"

Baptism.JPG (48627 bytes)








First day as a Catholic! 

Chubby_cheeks.JPG (53724 bytes)

Cute jeans

Big_mouth.JPG (35775 bytes)









"Yes, I do have an opinion!"





Christmas_in_kimono.JPG (49054 bytes)Kimono Kids








Custome.JPG (24289 bytes)








Halloween Havoc

Daddy_birthday.JPG (55362 bytes)







One of Daddy's many, many birthdays






Easter.JPG (70482 bytes)Easter Hunt

Formal_with_Julia.JPG (33549 bytes)



Dress-up with Big Sister


In_Daddys_lap.JPG (74524 bytes)







Hanging with Daddy

Jeans.JPG (44726 bytes)


"Yeah, I do like these jeans."

With_Sis_in_hat.JPG (79262 bytes)









Hanging with Big Sis



Home Up