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Machi's Photo Album



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Group_Cake.jpg (41463 bytes)

Daddy's Birthday, April 2000

Birthday_Girls_2.jpg (33458 bytes)

Cake for Sensei Daddy

Girls_and_Eden_2.jpg (43593 bytes)








With Mom and Tia Eden


Group_Outside.jpg (42266 bytes)

Left to right: Jim Silvan, Joey Cruz, Nyree Tupasi, Machi, Mommy, Daddy, Julia

Group_Outside_2.jpg (71003 bytes)

Left to Right: Vinton Koklich, Ken Pitts, Janice Okamoto, August O'Neal, Machi, Daddy, Mommy, Sonny Napial, Alfredo Bandalan, Ken Shockley, Carl Caudill, Chris Peterson, Jim Silvan, 

Hospital_with_daddy.jpg (49851 bytes)

A smile for Daddy 

Machi_and_Eden_2.jpg (61108 bytes)

With Daddy and Tia Eden



Mom_and_Machi.JPG (73255 bytes)

Machi and Mommy 


Party_Girls.jpg (61201 bytes)

Girls at play


    my_loves.JPG (39976 bytes)

Mother's Day, 1997


tahoe.JPG (55962 bytes)

Lake Tahoe trip with Okinawan relatives, August, 1999

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