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Okinawa Trip Photos

November, 2001


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Shuriejo.JPG (90953 bytes)Shuri Castle



Akira_and_Junko.JPG (115649 bytes)

Akira and Junko

Akira_and_kids.JPG (114559 bytes)

Akira and Family

With Akira in his beautiful gardenAkira_and_me.JPG (65389 bytes)

Budokukai.JPG (131572 bytes)

Budokukai Martial Arts Hall

Kids_and__habu.JPG (107440 bytes)

Mika, Julia, Hikaru and snake

Hybiscus.JPG (55745 bytes)

Hibiscus, a cultural symbol of the Ryukyu Islands

hybiscus2.JPG (161619 bytes) 

Julia_and_Mika.JPG (115370 bytes) 

Julia and Mika at Shurinomon

Kin_sunrise.JPG (110856 bytes)Sunset in Kin 

Kin_sunrise2.JPG (163409 bytes)Sunrise in Kin

Parade_group.JPG (71099 bytes)Preparing for the Parade of Nations with Junko, Julia, and Reiko

Shinzato1.JPG (139653 bytes)

Shinzato Katsuhiko Sensei

Shinzato2.JPG (113667 bytes)

Shinzato3.JPG (94864 bytes)

Shureinomon.JPG (126370 bytes)At the "Gate of Courtesy" with Julia, Akira, Mika, Hikaru, and Junko

Shurienomon.JPG (169226 bytes)

Tourist photo at Shurinomon 

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