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RyuBuKan Dojo 

Weekly Meditation 

Collected works of various authors and sources.


"I don't seek to understand all of the answers,

but simply to understand the questions."


Leadership    Understanding Accomplishments 
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The best leader works without being seen,  helping all but known by few.


The second best leader is loved and praised.


The bad leader is feared and  hated.


The worst leader is despised and ignored.


When a leader trusts no one, no one trusts him.


The best leader is tight-lipped; he never speaks carelessly.

When his subtle work is completed, his duty is done,

ordinary people say, "We did it ourselves." 



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One who understands others has knowledge.

One who understands himself has wisdom.


One who overcomes others has force.

One who overcomes himself has true strength.


One who has contentment is rich.

One who forces the issue may win the day but he will lose in the end.


Only one who knows his own heart can endure.  When he dies, he does not perish.


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Your real accomplishments will last forever because they are not made of matter.   Your real accomplishments are the sum total of how you lived your life.  That determines where your essence goes after death.  


So by all means, be involved in the world.  Accomplish as much as you can here.  But when your work here is done, forget it.   Your real accomplishments will last forever.  

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Kindness attracts kindness.  Do to the universe as you would have the universe do to you.   

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Perfection is the goal.  Education is the means.  Cooperation between student and teacher is the technique.  Success in everything is the result.   

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What is more precious than a child?  Baby means new life.  New life means new hope.  Hope is harmonious, happy, and whole, like a natural child.  Like a child, hope must take risks in order to grow, because to avoid all risks is to invite disaster.   


Growing means learning.  Learn not to confuse mental fantasies with real hope, and forced growth with harmonious development.  What is false and forced is contrary to the Way, and  so cannot long endure.  What is  true and free lasts forever.  Be true and free. 

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