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Machi's Photo Album

Early Years


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Machi in dress.JPG (237437 bytes) 

First Formal Dress

Machi with Prince in snow.JPG (616629 bytes) 

With her first pet, 


Favorite_Angels.JPG (65444 bytes)

Favorite Angels 


Girls with Prince.JPG (80667 bytes) 

With Julia and Prince

    Girls with Gil and Eden.JPG (450354 bytes)








With Tio Gil and Tia Eden

Playing Pachinko with Daddy.JPG (335204 bytes) 








Playing pachiko,  Japan, 1988

Napping_with_Coco.JPG (39198 bytes)

Napping with Coco

Tio_Angel_and_Tia_Frances.JPG (89048 bytes)

Tio Angel and Tia Frances

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