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Machi's Photo Album

Early Years

Page 3


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kindergarten.JPG (31809 bytes) 



Rocking_horse.JPG (63552 bytes)








Rocking with Big Sister


Swing_with_Sis.JPG (35677 bytes)

On the swings with Julia

Tea_Time.JPG (42312 bytes)

Tea time with Christine

Tia_Lou_and_Jonathan.JPG (41482 bytes) 

With Tio Lou and cousin Esteban 

waitresses.JPG (95031 bytes)

Part-time job at Uncle Shinichi's restaurant 

Wedding_party.JPG (72968 bytes) 

Wedding party for Uncle Shinichi 

With_Abuela.JPG (54799 bytes) 

With fellow Angel in Heaven, Grandma Justina 

With_Tio_Gil.JPG (43931 bytes)

With Tio Gil

Home Up