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Machi's Photo Album


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Dancing_Tia_Frances.JPG (63829 bytes)

Salsa with Tia Frances!


Big_Sis_hug.JPG (82761 bytes)

Big Sister Hug

Coco_and_Miki.JPG (43433 bytes)

The infamous 

Coco and Miki

Hawaii_girls.JPG (90304 bytes)

Hawaii girls




Hawaii_with_Mommy.JPG (89755 bytes)

Hawaiian Princesses 




Hawaii_with_Sis.JPG (56814 bytes)





 Relaxing on Oahu 

Hawaii_with_Sis3.JPG (83020 bytes)

Hospital_with_Sis.JPG (62122 bytes)

Big Sister, hospital caretaker




Nurse_Nancy.JPG (48494 bytes)

Nurse Nancy

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